Week 2 – How to Play Jazz Piano

Last week I made my vlogging debut with the beginning of my jazz piano journey.  After two weeks of tracking my progress through video, I have learned a few things.  First, I need to adjust how and what I record to make the vlog more interesting.  In particular, I want to make sure I include some of the “work-in-progress” videos instead of focusing on getting a perfect “take”. I really love what my classmate Amanda is doing to make her vlogs enjoyable to watch. Second, I purchased a phone tripod to make the filming a little more professional and maybe eliminate bad angles.  Luckily a few of my classmates had a similar idea, so I found some good tripod recommendations on Twitter.

Here is my week 2 recap:

What I worked on:

  • Practiced the 2-5-1 (ii-V-I) progression in all 12 major keys (and added in a drum backing track to make it interesting).
  • Reviewed the C Blues scale (in the RH) and tried playing it with a Blues shuffle pattern in the LH.


  • Still no sheet music! Focused on playing by ear.
  • Being able to play the C Blues scale easily from muscle memory.  I must have learned the scale at some point over the years and I remembered exactly what to do.
  • Squeezed in lots of short practice sessions (5 minutes or so), which is about all I can manage with an almost one-year-old roaming around.


  • I had a lot of difficulty with the Blues shuffle pattern in the LH. I need to spend some slow practice time on this skill.
  • Difficulty choosing which resource to use next.  There are so many on YouTube, so it’s a challenge sorting through the videos. My classmate Daina is exploring Udemy.com, so I might look into that as an option.

Resources used:

Basic Music Theory: C Blues Scale

Week 2 is complete! This week I plan to continue working on the 2-5-1 progression (and see if there are any other useful videos for practice), playing the C Blues scale in the RH and Blues shuffle pattern in the LH and maybe start looking at jazz lead (fake) sheets.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 – How to Play Jazz Piano

  1. Even though I also like watching Amanda’s videos, I really appreciate the comments that you add in and pop up throughout your video. I think they make watching your videos much more interesting than simply watching you play, and it helps explain what you’re thinking while you’re playing. Altan (Sile) is also doing a course through Udemy. I may check it out myself as well.

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  2. Starting to sound jazzy! LH and RH sounding nice separately, now to put the two together! What are you using as your background track? After using iMovie this week, I know they are really sticky about copyrighted audio when uploading/sharing. Were you able to find some background tracks on YouTube that are royalty free?

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    1. 😬oops! That is a very good question. I just picked a random YouTube video with a backing track! I didn’t even consider the royalty part. Usually I go to freemusicarchive.org for my background music, or just use what is already available in WeVideo. I know Free Music Archive has drum tracks, so I will use that in the future!


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