#Edtech, Round 3!

Hi! My name is Catherine Ready and I am an elementary Arts Education specialist at École Connaught Community School. This is my 6th year of teaching and my 5th Masters’ class in the Curriculum & Instruction course route program. I am really excited to be back for my third class with Dr. Couros in the Winter 2020 semester! (EC&I 830- Spring 2018, EC&I 831- Fall 2019). I enjoyed building connections with a lot of great people in EC&I 831 this fall, and look forward to continuing my educational technology learning with some familiar faces.

I recently returned from maternity leave and have already started to use some of the course content with my students this year. They are a great resource, especially when it comes to all things related to social media! We are starting to have conversations about privacy and safety online and I have some plans to include digital literacy in our arts education lessons. I think we have an important role as educators to prepare our students for the digital world.

Isabelle (15 months) and my puppy Callie

Looking forward to connecting online!


2 thoughts on “#Edtech, Round 3!

  1. I too find the course content in these eci classes provide many insights and opportunities in the classroom. I know I have applied a lot we have learned in my classes. Looking forward to continuing this learning journey with you. I always appreciate your insights.

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    1. It’s so great to learn about relevant tools to use with our students. Looking forward to a great class with you too, Dean!


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