The Final Lap

It is hard to believe that my final course in the M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction degree is here! I have thought about what this last semester would feel like a lot over the last 2.5 years as so much has changed in both my personal and professional life.  I was pregnant with my daughter in the first course of my degree, and it seems like every other course can be matched up with some sort of sleep regression or baby/toddler milestone!  Similar to how my daughter has developed over the last couple of years, I have grown as both an educator and student.

(2019) 1 puppy and a baby
(2020) 2 puppies and a toddler! Where does the time go?

My first degree was a Bachelor of Music: Piano and I continued with the Bachelor of Education After Degree from the University of Regina.  Until this year, my entire career has been as an elementary Arts Education teacher in many different schools within Regina Public Schools.  In Fall 2020, I moved positions to begin teaching Grade 3 at eSchool with Regina Public Schools. This is a completely online school and honestly, a dream job. I am always so excited to use what I am learning through the Edtech courses with Dr. Couros and to collaborate with like-minded educators at eSchool.

My three goals for learning in this class include:

  1. Continue to build my Professional Learning Network (PLN)– The best part about these classes is the course community that goes beyond our semester. I hope to continue to build these relationships through our course hashtag on Twitter, collaborating on Discord, and being a more active commenter on student blogs every week. Time to dig deeper!
  2. Develop a course with high quality instructional videos and resources- For the major project of creating an Online/Blended Course Prototype, my goal is to use the skills I have learned in previous classes to create content that can be used beyond this course.  I also hope to try and incorporate new learning from this course into my current role as an online teacher.
  3. Create an epic final summary of learningMy best summary of learning experiences have been ones that I contemplated throughout the semester. Since this will be the last summary of learning and project of my M.Ed. degree, my goal is to create a summary of learning that is not only reflective of my experience in the course, but also in the field of educational technology.

I look forward to learning alongside the #eci834 crew and exploring the world of educational technology, especially online and blended learning!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “The Final Lap

  1. Congratulations on getting to your final semester, especially as a sleep-deprived, working mom! I look forward to talking another class with you this year. I look forward to seeing your Epic Summary of Learning, as I thought your last one was already EPIC!

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  2. Congratulations!! That’s super exciting! I can imagine some long, sleepless nights and maybe emotions running rampant! I recall doing my Applied Certificate in WebDesign and Development at SIAST when my daughter was 18 months old and that was challenging enough – the sense of accomplishment at the end was unbelievable and I’m excited for you to experience that at the end of this semester! Keep goin!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I can’t wait for that feeling but also savouring these last moments as a grad student!


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