Exploring the Elements of Art – The Final Course Overview

My course prototype focuses on one strand of Grade 3 Arts Education: Visual Art. The course will provide lessons and activities exploring the seven elements of art: colour, shape, line, form, space, value and texture followed by a final project to tie everything together. The course will also connect with the Saskatchewan curriculum Grade 3 Arts Education theme: Environment. All lessons and activities will be within Seesaw activities, including instructional videos that are also available on a YouTube playlist.

Course Website: Exploring the Elements of Art: Grade 3 Arts Education Unit

All course information, including the Course Profile is available on the website listed above. I also provide a detailed outline of the course with links to each focus lesson. For teachers that do not use Seesaw, I have provided screenshots of the activities and direct links to the instructional videos available on YouTube.

Below is a brief screencast that will walk you through my course. I encourage you to look through my course website on your own. Although the course was designed for an online asynchronous environment, the activities and videos can also be used in a face-to-face or blended learning classroom.

My course design and creation served two purposes – to fulfill curriculum requirements for my own Grade 3 students and for my EC&I 834 course prototype project. I chose the visual art strand of arts education because I wanted to explore ways to implement lessons and activities with limited student supplies. Since students are working at home, I am unable to provide unique art supplies, like paint, pastels, clay and different types of paper. Instead, I based all activities on supplies that students would be expected to have at home from a regular school supply list (markers, crayons, glue and scissors).

One benefit of creating and implementing the course with Grade 3 students from the beginning was that I was able to design a lesson based on a specific element of art and then a project to go with the lesson. After the first week of receiving student responses, I made some adjustments for subsequent lessons based on feedback from my EC&I 834 classmates and student work. One example was to include a self-assessment piece for all art projects to encourage the best quality of work from my students. I think designing the entire course from start to finish without involving students would be very challenging, so I enjoyed the opportunity to work through the unit at the same pace as my students.

Each week I recorded an instructional video based on an element of art and I tried to maintain the same theme and opening montage. I wanted to be able to produce a video playlist at the end of the unit that fully covered each element, and I am very happy to report that I achieved this goal! I feel that the unit is very comprehensive and succinct and could be adapted for use in different grade levels as well. It is my hope that any teacher could use this course, even if they do not use Seesaw with their students. The instructional videos and art projects were designed to be used in all learning environments.

I hope you enjoyed exploring my course!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Exploring the Elements of Art – The Final Course Overview

  1. I was so excited to see the final product of your course. I love how you created an online course for art. I want to use this course with my students. I think the lessons you created are so engaging and students would have so much fun! What I really appreciated about your course is that you designed all your lessons with the thought of what supplies students would have access to. I think that thoughtful consideration of accessibility will ensure that all students will be able to complete the course. Often with art I have been afraid to teach it online because of the lack of access my students will have to the art supplies they “need”. This course really is for anyone! Thank you for creating such a valuable resource and sharing it with all of us!

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    1. Thank you for the comments, Tessa! I wasn’t sure how the art supplies required for online learning would work out, but from my experience using these lessons with my students, I think it was very successful!


  2. Catherine your course turned out amazing. You can tell that you have put a lot of time, thought, and effort into creating it. It is very impressive that you have included 8 modules including a final project. I actually used the Leah Dorian Rover video last year and it was great. I love that you included that as the final project. Your course is so easy to navigate and understand. I wonderful that you shared previews of all of the parts of your lessons for educators. The Seesaw activities look straight forward for students and I appreciate that you included audio instructions as well as text. I think this course would be amazing for both teaching online and in person with one to one devices. I look forward to trying some of your lessons with my own students.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Erin! The Rover videos are a great resource and I hope to use some more in the future. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions you gave me throughout the semester!


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